Could Quad SLI be fixed with dx10?

I had always thought the problem with quad sli was that it's limitations with DX9 stopped AFR working 4way with it, so.. since DX10 is out now.. if you used a program like nhancer to force certain things into a game..

Well bascially, theoreticly if you enable AFR and put the frames rendered beforehand up to 5 or 6, shouldnt it, theoretically, work?

Just putting that out there, im trying to be technical :sol:
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  1. I think there should be a reasonable gain based on the newer architecture for the DX10 chips. Since they use stream processors instead of specific pipes, it should be much easier for the API to route data to get proccessed. It should be much more effecient at taking advantage of all avalible resources. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

    You're theory is interesting, but if that is possible in DX10, I don't see why they wouldn't have made it also work in DX9.
  2. Supposedly DX9 was limited to certain things, im not sure what but I thought it had something to do with AFR not working with extra frames being prepared or something.

    As far as I know its theoretically possible for the current DX9 7950gx2's in quad sli to do these things aslong as they are using DX10.
  3. Sure, Direct X10 could support 4 way AFR for quad SLI, but that doesn't mean it'll make Quad SLI a viable solution; OpenGL already supports 4 way AFR.
  4. I would imagine all the issues with normal sli will be exascerbated in quad sli, so I would still favour a single card
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