How can Imake my hard drive my primary ide master


I have had the netsky virus.I seem to be rid of it using avast antivirus, however when I start pc it goes through the motions but I am left with just a blue screen.I amunable toload in safe mode or do a restore.I have gone intobios and the primary ide master and slave are showing as not detected. Secondary ide'sare dvd /cd romand the hard disk is sixth. Is this the problem?How can I make the hard disk my primary ide.

Many Thanks
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  1. Connect your hard drive to the primary IDE cable. If you look closely at the IDE slots on the motherboard, they should be numbered (IDE0, IDE1...etc). The master position on the cable is on the end. Then, make sure the jumper is set as master on the hard drive.

    After that's done, boot into the BIOS, and make sure your hard drive is first in the hard drive priority, and the first boot device.
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