P5B Deluxe eSATA Issues?

I have a P5B Deluxe and I bought an external HDD with eSATA and the tranfer rate is extremely slow using eSATA. I thought it could be a HDD issue but I think it might be a motherboard issue seeing that others with P5B Deluxe MOBOs are having the same problem. Is this an issue that can be fixed with driver or BIOS updates?
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  1. Hey pchoi4 what os are you using and what external drive are you using? I just got a Wd My Book prem 320 gig drive with esata. Im waiting to get my esata cable Monday to test the esata transfer rates. My average usb speed was 5mb/sec. I reformatted the drive to Ntfs then in device manager in vista made sure the policies was set to performance and my average speed went to 9 to 10 mb/sec. Thats the suggestion someone gave me and it helped a little. Transfer rates are fast when i boot in xp.
  2. Did you fixed this problem. I have exactly the same issue as you. My HDD is a FreeAgent Pro, 750GB on Vista 64-bit. I'm about to go to work, but I'll look for new eSata drivers tonight. Let me know please if you found any way of fixing this.

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