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Hi everyone,

I'm asking about a suggestion for HDD setup for using Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5. I did look at some general guidelines on the adobe forums, but my question is not 100% answered in there.

So what I have available right now is:

x1 Crucial M4 SSD 128 GB, where I only put the OS and all my programs.
x1 Hitachi 7200 RPM 2 TB SATA III HDD.

Even though Adobe is installed on the SSD, it does all the work in the HDD (projects, exports, media, etc.). Apparently it's much better if I add another HDD to the system, which I am planning to do so. My very first option is to get an identical HDD drive as the Hitachi I already have. It just makes sense and it's a very good drive in my opinion.

1) Would you advice to put these two HDDs in a RAID 0 array? (the guidelines mentioned above don't say so.. they only put RAID 0 starting from 3 work disks and not 2 as in my case).
2) Either way, could there possibly be any difference if I plug these HDDs onto SATA II ports? Cache is 64 mb if that's relevant. The thing is that my MB has 4 SATA III ports, 2 of them are Intel and 2 of them are Marvell (mobo is Asus P9X79 pro). One of the Intel ports has the SSD. So if I want the HDDs to be on SATA III ports I guess the best would be to put them in the Marvell ports. But I heard these ports are not very reliable for some reason and have some issues, is this correct? If they do have issues then I'll just put them in SATA II.
3) Do you really really recommend that I buy this second HDD? Or just one will be okay? For the moment we're working on small projects so the difference shouldn't be too noticeable, but on the long run I think it could be important, and I'd better buy it now to make sure I get the same drive in case I RAID 0-them. I'm kind of answering myself here, but any opinions are also welcome :)

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  1. Hi there,

    How much RAM do u have? Post the specs...
  2. BTW, are editing a lot?

    At least few times a week?
  3. Sorry, the specs are:

    Asus P9X79 Pro
    16 GB (4x4) G.Skill Ripjaws Z 1600
    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760 W
    Antec 902v3

    And yeah, the computer is used for video editing at least a few times a week..
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