Old drives - how can I get data off them

Hi there, I have an old non-functioning Toshiba R100 and I need to get some data off the drive - is there an external case I can buy that would fit it? Similarly I have a Seagate Barracuda IV which I'd love to access externally and use as a backup drive.

I've looked about, maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot but I can't find how I'd access them.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. smash it with a hammer and threaten it.

    ummm non-functioning how? as in you don't use it anymore or it doesn't work...if it doesn't work than...you can ask a computer shop i think they offer services for that. and for the seagate jsut buy a HDD enclosure on newegg.
  2. Take the drive out and hook it into a Desktop.
  3. Non functioning as in cactus - fried MB. I believe the R100 used an ata-5 drive, and unless I'm missing something there's no simple way to connect this into something else, hence my query here.

    As for the Seagate, I'm guessing any IDE-compatible case would fit - is that right?
  4. for the seagate yes any ide enclosure would work. for the other hard drive since your mobo fried maybe your hdd is fine try hooking it up.
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