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Hey Tom Community,

I live in Atlanta and am launching a startup with a small team, and I am technical with a B.S. in EE, but am not a heavy programmer. We will be launching in June of this year and we have contracted a team to build the site so most of the work and design has been completed, but we will need someone to take over for launch and get familiar with the code now.

Experience in Java EE, Tomcat 7, Spring application framework with emphasis on its Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, MySQL, Jdbc Templates, JavaServer pages, xhtml.

oh, and you must know how to build a computer! :)
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  1. Love the idea. Im a very heavey programmer and do know how to build PC's. Im currently building a browser for windows & linux. Going to be a fairly good one. Hopefully up there with ie9 and firefox. Me and my team have re-designed a windows XP system, fully supporting dx10 however a few bugs right now, Fully redesigned GUI, no start menu or taskbar anymore it has now got a new UI wich is not like any other UI i have seen in any OS, hopefully going to release it by the end of 2012. Redesigned a Nvidia driver at one point because my net was too slow to download another one at the time. MVC is pretty simple IMO. JavaServer pages i have had a go at although i do not fully understand it yet but getting there. Tomcat 7 is very simple. I have been programming with tomcat 7 for a few years (2) and is pretty easy.

    For the sake of it, i have also used photoshop (Too easy), Programmed with a mac(Just as easy as PC), Have created a Android App, A windows 7 Gadget, Redesigned the assembly folder in win7 to be able to copy and paste files after editing, Made some new windows anims for Vista x64. Done some work for oracle, microsoft, google, AMES, trinity corp and many more to name.

    Certificates in:

    BMC Software
    Cisco systems
    DSDM Secretariat
    IEEE Computer Society
    Juniper networks
    Sun Microsystems

    Have done a fair bit as you can see. Only real problem is i do not not live in the states.
    I live in Australia so really cant help although as much as i would like to.

    Sorry Bud.
  2. @engineiro

    I've sent you a private message.
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