Need Free Antyi Spyware !

Please suggest me good free anti spyware!
Which is better Spybot Search & Destroy or Ad-Aware Free Anti-Malware or any other?
I'm using Windows XP SP3.
Thank you.....
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  1. Download & Install the following 3 freewares. It forms a free complete security suite for your system!
    1. Avira Anvivir - .
    Avira has very good internet security, real time updates, great overall protection.

    2. Malwarebytes - .
    Malwarebytes is one of the best malware scanners.

    3. Ccleaner - .
    Ccleaner is a great all purpose tool. The most useful tool is probably the registry cleaner.

    The Best Security combo for all types of systems.
  2. Malwarebytes + Avira
  3. I already have Avast 5 Free and CCleaner.
    So,should I install both Malwarebytes and Avira ?
  4. If you want to continue with avast go with it!
    I prefer Avira over avast!
    If you want to install Avira, Uninstall Avast completely first, restart & then install Avira.

    Then at last install Malwarebytes!
  5. It's good to go with one or the other when dealing with AVs. Avira and Avast could fight with each other.

    Malwarebytes is simply a scanner, and can be used in conjunction with whichever AV you choose.
  6. Ok,single AV(Avast or Avire) and Malwarebytes.
    Do I required third party firewall like comodo except windows default firewall ?
    I don't want to slow my PC.
    I have Intel E2180 CPU and 9600GT.....:(
    And I use to play many games including MMORPG.
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    AV (Avast or avira)+ Malwarebytes+CCleaner is enough with windows firewall! nothing extra needed!
    Your system will is like a rockfort!
    Don't worry!
  8. Thanks for all of your replies.....
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