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hey guys i am in need of some advice for some parental monitoring software. my wife has a 11 year old son and I want to create an account for him on my computer, but want to know what a good parental blocking program is. I dont mind paying some money for the program but the cheaper the better.

i basically want to protect him from accidentally accessing content that is not suitable for him online.

does anyone have any suggestions?

my main issue is that many of the parental blocks appear to block the entire computer, and i only want the block to be on his account, and to be able to monitor and make adjustments through my main account.

does anyone have any advice on this?


i am using Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. Net nanny seems to be one of the most comprehensive. I never used it but have friends who rave about it.
  2. ^+1
    combine netnanny with OpenDNS. Create a free account and you can basically setup your own "GreatFireWall of China". :p
    They're on the up n up, very security oriented, and offer a great free service for home users (not so cheap for the Corps, but hey they need to get paid somehow. :) )
    The big plus with them is that you're still protected should a friend come over with a laptop or smartphone and use your wifi (basically you set the settings at the router, and protects any device that comes onto the network)
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