How do I delete Lexmark Fax Solution on win 7 when I don;t have a fax?

I have a Lexmark printer but no fax. Lexmark Fax Solutions takes up a lot of MB's but I can't delete it because message says it is open on a program. It's not. Any other way of getting rid of it without uninstalling Lexmark, etc.
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  1. try booting into safe mode and removing it.
  2. How are you deleting it? It's not a good idea to just delete the files, you want to uninstall that part of the software. If you just delete the files, you will get error messages when the PC tries to start the software.

    Plus it can't be that much memory used by it, I'm betting it's under 5% if that.
  3. Thanks so much everybody for your input. I think I'll just leave the file there and not think about it.
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