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Hey, I've been having a pretty big issue with gaming recently. I am having 2 similar things happen in 2 different games.

First, in Counterstrike Source, other players will suddenly stop moving, and teleport to where they actually are a few seconds later, and repeat it. Occasionally I get locked up for a moment and then teleport to where I actually am in a second too. This started a couple days ago, happens randomly, and seems to be getting worse. My ping is only 45 when this happens.

Second game this happens in is Guild Wars. Randomly, the other players(in towns, and outside of towns) will stop running, and just teleport to where they are going, then teleport again and so on and so on with no running animations at all. Again my ping is low(150ish, but its always been that in guild wars).

Now I'm running a Q6600 @ 3.0, 8800gts, and 2gb of G.skill ram. The games always run smooth, its just the other players that teleport around.

This leads me to believe that this is a network issue, and while I have struggled with random high pings since I moved to my new apartment at school, my one roomate will play CSS with me and doesn't get this problem(We're both running our connections out of the same Linksys wireless router, he uses the wireless and I am plugged directly into it(but it happens when he is playing and when he isn't)).

So since my pings are low when this happens, I'm wondering if the problem isn't my network card that came with my P35-DS3R. I've read of a lot of people getting them DOA, so they are already a little suspect. Could this be causing my issue? Should I get a pci NIC? If anyone has any advice, info, or similar problems that got resolved, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. A little update and some more info.

    First, I looked at the console in Counter Strike while this issue was happening, and it was FULL of "Received fragment out of order: X/XX

    Second, a little info on my network problems in my new apartment. Its a big townhouse with 3 other guys in it, and internet provided via cat5 plugs in the walls of each room.

    When I first came down I was the only one here, and found I couldn't get a connection unless I cut the power to my computer, connected the cable, and then turned back on. All was fine after I did this.

    Next, when everyone else moved in, I was not able to get a connection through my wall socket, or anyone elses for that matter, and I am still only able to get a connection when I am running through my roomates router. I don't know if this is a network issue, an IP problem, an NIC problem, or what it could be. I have my computer set up exactly how the building admin said to, set it to let windows automatically acquire an IP address.

    I'm not a networking wiz, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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