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I recently built my new rig and now I'm thinking of OCing the Q6600.
I read a few articles on how to do it and it seems fairly easy. I'm a little bit confused about the RAM, but maybe you guys can clear that up. If I'm looking to get a mild overclock on my Q6600(B3 stepping) can I not mess with overclocking the ram or anything else? Is that possible?

Here's my setup
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (S-series)
Q6600 B3
4GB ram (2) 1-gb sticks of crucial ballistix and (2)1-gb of corsair All is ddr2-800
EVGA 8800gts 640mb
Ultra 600w power supply

If I'm able to easily get up to 3.0 ghz I'd be happy to mess around with it.
Have any of you overclocked w/ my same mobo? If so, can you tell me the exact setting that you changed?
Thanks for any help or opinions you can give - never overclocked before but would love to start.
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  1. Bump..

    Does nobody have this motherboard or is nobody willing to help?

    I bought this motherboard under recommendation from members of this forum because of the easy overclockability.
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