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are there any legitamate ps3 emulators out there other than the one for the ps3 developers? surely the sandy and ivy bridge CPU's aswell as the gtx 500 and 600 series pack enough power to make emulation possible
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  1. there are 2 sites claiming to have working ps3 emulators:

    i cant reach this site, it requires you to fill in a survey to get to the download page, only problem is when you complete the survey you subscribe to some really expensive ***

    and there is this site, which requires exactly the same thing, im pretty sure these are scam sites
  2. I don't think this topic is allowed on this site as it's against sony's EULA to use the games in somethng other than the ps3 console or other authorized sony equipment.
  3. really? what about the ps2? they never had a problem with that did they?
  4. Anytime you discuss circumventing DRM, it's a violation of rules.
  5. fair enough, though i do think if you already own the consoles and games they should be yours to do what you want with, even replicating their environment on a different platform, isn't that why emulators require you to rip the bios off the console?
  6. I'm not arguing with you. I believe you should be able to make backups also. I'm just giving you a heads up and making you aware of a forum rule.

    ** PEACE **
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