X38 Launch Date

Hey guys...thought the X38 launch was today....?

Or is that the 23rd..... :heink:

(Just came back from a concert...kinda woozy...)
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  1. On Overclockers (Uk) they are selling the gigabyte x38-dq6 on 14th September 07
  2. Anyone have any info at the egg?
  3. It's the 23rd.
  4. Yet another update on technology to overshadow my P35 build from 8months ago
  5. http://www.dailytech.com/Intel+Prepares+X38+Express+Launch/article8467.htm

    As this says the offical date is the 23rd. But they say you will most likely see them being sold early this month before the offical relase anouncement.
  6. Heard that Gigabyte will overcome Asus this time....on X38 boards....?

    I personally think the only worthwhile thing on X38 is PCIe 2.0, as the anandtech benches look miserable...4% increase on average on a engineering sample board...?... :heink:

    Anyone know what's the story on PCIe2 on the G90s?
  7. God.....the 10th of Oct???/

    OMGOGMOGM...I hate intel...waiting for my build SUCKS!
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