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I posed a question to the forum a week ago in regards to trouble that I have been having with my Rogers Wireless network in the Toronto region. I am back because I have isolated the problem to a laptop which has Vista installed. The initial problem was that the laptop would cause our home network to kick itself in the ass and stop working, thus requiring a reboot of the router/modem. This would occur regardless of whether the laptop was connected via wireless or ethernet. Whenever the laptop was not there, no issues were present with the network. When the laptop is moved to another location and connected through wireless/ethernet there is no problems whatsoever, and there is no difference in network usage between locations.
The more recent problem stems from removing the wireless card from the device manager and reinstalling it with updated drivers. This then caused the laptop to be unable to connect to the primary wireless network (it can still connect via ethernet), although the wireless connection manager shows the network has having 5 bars of strength. The error that comes up is that the computer is not recieving a response from the router due to poor signal. However, the laptop can connect to a wireless signal which has 1 or 2 bars from the same location.
I decided to completely format the computer and reinstall Windows Vista Home Premium Edition (was getting BSOD whenever the function button was pressed or the wireless diagnostic utility was used). After the clean install, the laptop was still unable to connect to the primary network due to the low signal. I have yet to see if the connection from the router still gets dropped though.
Any ideas or suggestions on either of the two issues?
Thank you,
Tyler Pestill
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  1. See if you can download the original version of the driver... new drivers fix problems most of the time, but they can also break other things that were working fine before.
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