Looking for a basic but nimble mouse + keyboard

I'm almost done building my home rig and have no more energy left to select hardware components. All I have left to buy is the mouse and keyboard. So I though I'd just ask you guys for some recommendations.

I'm looking for a basic optical mouse that is light and nimble. I've been using a cheap mini logitech UR55a for several years now and I'm pretty happy with it's speed and lightness. It is prety worn down now so I think it's time for a replacement. It's so old there are almost no images of it I could google: http://www.nix.ru/autocatalog/mouse_logitech/m_ur55a.jpg

The Razer mice more than fit the bill but they are just too expensive for the casual gamer I plan to be. I'm also willing to pay some extra cache for a cordless version that is still light and nimble. From what I can gather such a mouse probably does not exist yet. I have to say I've used a cordless mouse to play some FPS about a year ago and I was very unhappy with how heavy and clumsy if felt in comparison to my trusty logitech.

For the keyboards it's the same deal: I'm looking for basic features and high build/key quality. I'll be doing lot's of coding and tinkering arround so I'm willing to pay extra for superb "key comfort" rather than for 101 flashy additional buttons. If it can handle the occasionall coffee spill it would be a plus. It it's also cordless - nice! From all the fancy features out there the only one that cought my eye is the backlight so it would also be a plus (but not a must).

Thanks in advance for any advice and be well
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  1. Logitech G5 light and can weight it down more if needed.

    Logitech G11 the little brother of the G15
  2. Thanks for the suggestions - they shure are welcome :)

    I'll check the mouse in more detail.
    However the keyboard is still too flashy for me. I'm willing to give up on the backlight in exchange for something that:

    1) has silent, soft to press keys with not too much travel.
    2) is spill resistent.
    3) has a big enter and a long backspace.
    4) is black :)
  3. This inexpensive Microsquishy keyboard is only $12:

    1. no clatter to the keys
    2. spill resistant
    3. long (but not 2-row) enter and long backspace
    4. is black :ange:

    I've bought a couple of these for systems I've built for friends and family, and have received no complaints.
    For even less key travel, you might like this one, for $3 more:

  4. Never used anything but Dell keybouards, I never really saw any benefits to get snazzy keyboards, but as for the mouse??? Grab a G5, cheap and comfortable, and customizable, with weights too! The weights are great for FPS so you can use heavier weights to make better sniper shots (steadys the hand).
  5. I'll defenately be looking at the MS keyboards. Will go to check out the G5 too - it seems to get lots of votes :)

    Has anybody used a Cherry keyboard? How about this one:

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