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My computer was recently rebooted after which i tried to reinstall the production key and it is saying wrong key,can anyone help with this problem.
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  1. Why would you feel the need to enter the product key after a reboot?
    Maybe you can explain what you actualy did prior to entering the "product" key not production and you enter it, not install it.
    Did you for instance reinstall the operating system? make and model would help as well.
  2. After the reboot, the Microsoft office,when you open it, you have to reenter the production key.It is a Toshiba L305-S5907 Model PSLB8U-04X02F
  3. Had you specified Microsoft office it would have been more helpful.
    The Microsoft office prinstalled on your system is no doubt a trial version which has expired. You would now need to purchase it from Microsoft to get a valid key.
    Alternativly you can download Open Office which can much the same thing for free.
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