HP Blackbird 002 - CrossFire on nForce!


According to an interview by CustomPC with head honcho at HP Gaming, Rahul Sood, apparently the new HP Blackbird 002 machine uses the same Asus Striker Extreme base for both Nvidia SLI and AMD CrossFire. This has been previously locked out until now because Nvidia wants its chipsets to only be available for SLI, even though the PCI-Express lanes can theoretically work with either technology
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  1. Old news mate, Falconwest (I think that's what they're called) were doing the 'hacked' driver thing quite a while back.
    This is just a slightly different spin on the same subject.
  2. well i posted because many asked before that if u can use sli on crossfire board, about 2 years ago i hear that if u hack the drivers u can use crossfire on a sli board
  3. Exactly, it's been known for quite some time that the whole CF/Sli different chipset thing is a bit of a scam, but like so many of these things it relies on the apathy of manufacturers and punters to be perpetrated.
  4. The HP BlackBird 002 does not require hacked drivers to run CrossFire.

    Quote: Raul Sood "...On Blackbird you can download ANY Catalyst driver and Crossfire will work. This is our customer promise, user agnostic upgrades.”
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