Need CPU Cooling Advice/Guidance

CASE - RAIDMAX Storm 847 Titanium
Motherboard - Intel D915GAV (Socket 775)
RAM - 2x512 Kingston Value Ram PC3200 400Mhz 3-3-3-8
CPU - Intel Pentuim 4 519 (Prescott) 533FSB :(
Vid Card - ATI X700 Pro
Audio - SB X-Fi
4 - 90mm Case Fans At The Moment (adding a fifth)

Ok here is my question. I was wondering if I can get some other peoples oppinions on this system that I have planned. All I want to do is change the Mobo out for the one listed below and also the ram listed as well. So same system, 2 major upgrades 8). Anyhow, I was wondering what the proper cooler that I should be using when I get this new Mobo in. I currently do not have an option to OC at all cause this Intel board that I currently use should be placed in an open fire. So I want to OC this chip a bit to get a bit more performance out of it till I get a new one. Currently with a stock cooler and all the fans it still runs at 60C. Mind you that could also be because of all the other stuff I have in there. Regardless, I am in the air about my cooling options. I have looked at many heatsinks and whatnot, read reviews and did all the research and all that jazz. I have 3 heatsinks in mind (don't forget, I will be replacing the chip in a couple of months or so) first I was thinking the Zalman CNPS9700LED, Or would I be better off going over to the The Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme, or would it be best if I went with the Coolermaster GeminII. I am a tad concerned about room as well. I have a few friends who have given me mixed info on what I should use, so I figured Y not ask the people who know best. *Ran to my PC and hit the forums* Anyhow, any help or info on what you think would be the best cooler for this system would be appreciated.

Motherboard - ECS NF650iSLIT-A (Socket 775) Note: I will not be using the SLI Feature.
RAM - 2x1024 OCZ Platinum Revision-2 PC6400 DDR2 800MHz 4-4-4-15
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  1. The money you are talking about spending on the motherboard (which isn't a great overclocker anyways, ECS doesn't include a lot of option) you could just get an E2160 which would beat your current one and 2GB of Transcend RAM + Mobo.


    Use retail Heatsink.

    Don't know from personal experience so perhaps someone can chime in, but you should be able to just increase the bus from 200 to 266 and have a 2.13 GHz Processor without doing much else. If that's not enough move up to the 2160 which would give you a 2.4 GHz processor at 266 Bus.
  2. Well the down side is I already have the board. And I will be upgrading the chip in the near future, and the chip you pointed out would not be anywhere near my personal choice. I realize the fact that a dual core CPU would be more effective and probably a lot more efficient, however I will be getting a faster CPU in the future when I can budget for it. Regardless I am still caugt on what cooler to use for this upgrade I have going, RAM is not really the concern as I can get whatever. But I am thinking of using the SLI feature as Vid Cards have gotten quite affordable in the last while. Well anyhow I just need to know what cooler would suit my needs and a stock cooler will not cut it for my current CPU. I want something that I can use now, and later as I upgrade the rest of the PC. And I know the ECS is not loaded with options but I have read reviews and its a decsent deal considering I got it for 85.00 CDN. Honestly prolly the best deal I could get for an nforce. Regardless, I have the board, just need more input on what the best cooler for the buck would be and what would give me the best use.
  3. AFAIK the Ultra 120 Extreme offers better cooling than the 9700. I have a 9700, and if remember correctly, my temps under full load with OC were 10 C cooler (around 50 C). Anadtech has a great review of the Ultra 120 Extreme,
  4. Thanks for the info mimart7. I belive I will be taking your advice as well. My friends had pretty much the same oppinion and AFAIK the Ultra 120 Extreme is pretty much the best air cooler on the market. I will be going with this and than later on when all is said and done. These other upgrades will grace my presence soon. X2 Of Course

    Thanks for all the help. If anyone has another oppinion as well I would love to hear it.
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