Out Smarted "IT" and DELL!

So just to start off im not bragging in this post or bashing "IT", (in fact the IT Dept. at my work is great) im just excited i got something right. So the other day a Co-worker came up to me and told me he was having computer problems so i came over to take a look. When he went to boot his comp it would get to the dell splash screen freeze and then restart. Puzzled i tryed to get into the bios, which worked, only to have it restart on me 10 seconds later. I then brought it over to my desk and started pulling components to see what the problem might be. Nothing seemed to work and on top of that i was now getting no video. I then made a quick call to my IT guy and we came to the conclusion that it was probably the board. So we make a phone call to DELL and they agreed to send out a new MOBO to us and a new PSU. I put it together when it came to the office and sure enough same problem. I then talked to my IT guy again and i suggested that it was the CPU, he did not agree, and we made another phone call to DELL. This time we had a DELL tech come out and look if i had put it together right ( i knew i had but i had to go along with it). I mentioned a bad CPU and he quickly dismissed it as a DOA board. So he ordered a new board and new RAM. Next day with the new component and the comp still would not get video or boot. So i suggested the CPU again, he said that it couldnt hurt to try, so i pulled the CPU from my working comp and put he put it in the broken one.........sure enough booted right up. And thats my story sorry for it being so long but i just had to share it with someone!
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  1. lol, nice call. I once told dell I had a faulty power button on a Optiplex 620. They told me it wasn't. The replaced the power supply twice, the motherboard, the ram, and the CPU. Then they replaced the power button and viola!
  2. If the mobo is not beeping 1 3 or 7 beeps it is most likely the CPU. Good call.
  3. haha nice :D
  4. LOL! way to go man. :bounce:
  5. Dead cpu, very odd indeed, have not heard of them dying and still working if u catch me drift.

    Boot restart boot.
    Reminds me of the autoexec.bat days
    Put a run command for the restart.exe file in
    Soon as windows reads it BANG restart. Took out 'IT' guy at school 3 months to figure it out.
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