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I need to go from 1 gb to 2gb. I have 2 512mb sticks of ddr in my machine. I can't for the life of me remember what brand but kingston comes to mind. Prices range for single sticks are around 75-100 and then around 40-50 dollar range on branded memory. All I could see as the difference is latency and wheter it had a heat spreader as the only difference. I would also like to buy a single stick rather than 2 sticks. Any one maker better than the other in 1gb sticks?

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  1. Not much difference, corsair value select/ crucial/ kingston , whichever is cheapest really. Branded stuff uses better chips and therefore has lower latencies/overclocks better, and as you say has heatspreaders.
  2. If you are still going to use your current chips i wouldnt worry about anything flash... because you will still be limited latency and speed wise by the older ones. Id suggest anything with a decent brand name and cheap as you can get. as GSte said corsair, crucial, kingston... any of those are fine.
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