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My ati card stay idle at 56 C playing games rise up to 75 C is this normal
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  1. It should be good till 90c. I had them over 90c but I will get artifacts. You want anything lower than 90C for stable operations. So yeah it's normal.
  2. I managed to get my x1950 pro all the way upto 117 while playing bioshock and it ran without any issues...but i kept exiting the game just to be safe (this was a few days back...before i got rid of the dust that had clogged up). now the max it reaches is 70 while playing any game including bioshock and Idles at around 41-43.
  3. Jesus to me that's bloody hot. Have you set the thermal shutdown option within your ATI control panel? Basically your GPU will throttle itself back to avoid damage.
    The hottest my 7800GS+ Golden Sample reached is 65c although I do have 2x 12cm fans (front/back) and 1x 8cm fan on the side. Do you have plenty cooling on your case?
  4. That is super hot 117 i am suprised the card is still running. My x1900xt used to get super hot around 100c+, until i added a $60 Thermaltake Tidewater. Now it never goes over 60c.
  5. 100c X850 OC'd to artifacts
    90's for X1900
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