Help getting a bit further with E6300 (2.8ghz right now)

Hi, I read the guide in the sticky as well as a good bunch of post in here and feel I grasped the basic pretty well. I was able to get my E6300 from 266(1.86) to 400(2.8) FSB. I had previously upped vcore but I was able to go back down to 1.325V and its still stable.

I would like to reach 3Ghz if possible maybe 450FSB ? but the part im unsure is how I go about overcloacking my ram since right now its running 1:1 so its at its max stock speed. Can this ram run at 900 safely?

some other info right now my core(s) temp is at 42c iddle and 51c load wich I think is fine. Other spec are in sig and feel free to ask more info if needed.
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  1. Well.. the way to go about it is to loosen timings on your RAM and then crank up the FSB on your CPU, your RAM will follow unless you locked em down, keep going untlil you encounter a problem of some sort, then turn up the voltage on CPU, RAM and/or chipset and try again.. keep fiddling with it.. watch your temps though as they will rise along with the added voltage.

    When you are happy with your OC you start to fine tune it by lowering timings and voltage all around. Trick is to lower voltage and timings just enough for the OC to be stable.

    My E2140 1.6GHz currently runs 2.67GHz. I haven't hit a wall yet, so 3 GHz should be possible, for you at least. :)

    Hope this helps. Good luck! ;)
  2. Well I was able to get the big 3 today, didnt take much tweaking either, I just upped mem voltage a bit(+0.3, they were at default 1.8) and vcore a bit(1.350 from 1.325) and upped FSB to 433. gonna stress test it now then if it pass might try lowering some thing or messing with Ram timing. I left them on auto and they are something like 5-5-7-17 now.

    Edit: just quick note, core temp went up by only 1C from this. 43iddle 52load.
  3. Congrats. Thats not bad at all ;)
  4. Very nice oc.
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