Help me buy monitor, dvi/hdmi?

Hi, I'm looking for a nice monitor, I'm a few generations behind in size, currently have a 17 samusng 173t lcd, I'm looking for something bigger, also wondered if there are monitors that have both dvi and hdmi inputs. so if i get a console I can hook it up right, Also I'm in the process of getting a new pc and I'm looking towards a high end graphics card so keep in mind that for the monitor, thanks
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  1. If you are looking for multiple inputs (including component) your best bet is 20" and higher as these monitors typically have more inputs. In order to suggest something it would help if you would describe how you use the monitor (you mention gaming but do you plan to watch a lot of movies on it too?) and your budget.

    I recently purchased a Dell 24" monitor because it has a large number of inputs including dvi which I can use with a dvi to hdmi converter for my ps3. Also, I watch a lot of movies and it is fantastic for that (22" monitors generally use worse panels and are worse for watching video). It cost about $600 on sale.
  2. yes/ gaming /movies/ also long time staring at screen of cubase and such
  3. btw what do you get like 1080p if u connect a ps3 that way?
  4. Have you considered an lcd TV? I use a 42" Toshiba at 720p for my HTPC/entertainment center. It has 3 HDMI inputs, s-video, vga, etc. My best friend uses a 37" Viewsonic tv for his PC monitor. Both look great and make me want to upgrade all my pc monitors to 30"+ tvs. Most people don't realize how well the new lcd tv's work as monitors.
  5. lennyx said:
    btw what do you get like 1080p if u connect a ps3 that way?

    Yes the DVI-HDMI should give 1080p (I say should because I haven't received the ps3 yet).
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