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I've just had my second WD Passport drive fail (external 2.5"). When I plug it in both Vista and the WD Diagnostic software hang. In fact, when I run chkdsk that hangs too. I tried running chkdsk from an XP machine and that actually ran until it failed in the USN section. Any thoughts on how I might be able to bring this back to life enough to get a couple of files off?
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  1. Are you booting before or after you connect the drive? Could try the opposite. Could also try it on a different machine. I don't think you can install a 2.5 into a PC although there may be adapters. If there is, install it as an internal and copy your data. Your best best would be to buy and case and 3.5 hdd and put it together yourself rather than getting another Passport if you've had the same problem with 2 of them. While physically larger, the advantage of a 3.5 is you can always install it as an internal. Problem is if you don't assemble it yourself, likely have to destroy the case to get the hdd out
  2. I'm down on WD of late.....never was a big fan since they refuse to let you cross ship failed drives, but the World Book fisaco where it imposes DRM limits in your own files and the load of quality complaints I been hearing from users is mounting. Now that the Raptor lost the inexpensive drive performance crown, combined with all this stuff, I just crossed them off our approved vendor list.
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