New to PC building. Intel or AMD?

I decided it was time for a new computer. Im currently using a 7 year old laptop with a broken screen that is hooked up to a monitor. Im going to build it to save money and to learn a few things.

Ive heard from my freinds that AMD is the way to go. I think im gonna go with the Athalon X2 5600. However, it seems that alot of people really like intel chips. I cant seem to make sense of the way intel names its chips. Can someone please tell me what intel chip i could get for around 150 (price of the X2 5600) and what i can expect in terms of performance.

by the way, im not an overclocker.

Thanks guys!
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  1. If your on a pretty tight budget, AMD would be less expensive in part because the mobo are generally cheaper. On the other hand, Intel is out performing AMD. What would be best for you depends on your total budget, what you need to buy with that budget, .e.g., case, hdd, Windows,or do you just need the mobo, CPU, and RAM and how you're going to use the machine. If you list your budget, what you'll need, and how you'll use the machine, you can some recommendations. You probably should post this in the Home Build sections of the forum, likely to get more responses
  2. Thanks for the tip. Im looking to get a computer that can multitask and play some games. My budget is around 650 and im buying everything except the monitor, mouse and dvd drive.
  3. IMHO I have been hardcore AMD for a long time now, but it seems like with AMD's buyout of ATI it lost its steam. Untill AMD upgrades its 90nm chips to something newer I would stay away.

    As to what compairs to the X2 5600+ I would say Intel E6550 ($175 on newegg)
  4. You can get better chipsets for less on a amd system.
  5. If your budget is $650 hard, you need everything but the monitor/mouse/optical drive and your not going to overclock, AMD is the only way to go.
  6. With that budget you might want to think about the X2 4800, which would let you put more into the video card

    This is a great price on the Sonata III and it has a good PSU, which in combination can save over a case and separate PSU

    Check this out for the video card.

    Best going with 2GB of RAM. Suggest you create a wish or 2 list on newegg and play around with the parts to see what will work best.
  7. On that Budget, Learn to OC. When building your own system there is absolutely not any reason to not perform a reasonable OC. The Low End Chips are basically the same as the fast chips with the exception of being set to a low default speed. They can be set to run at the speeds of the faster chips w/o cost or risk.
  8. Checout this build - $627 Before Rebates and $30 Promo Code. ($597 + Shipping at checkout w/promo code then lots of rebates.)

    (Promo Code for $30 Savings on PSU - EMC828CASE04)

    $30 Mail in Rebate for Video Card.
    $30 Mail in Rebare for PSU (Yes, for a Total of $60 Off!)
    $40 Mail in Rebate for RAM

    System Price after Rebates - $497 + Shipping.

    The CPU can easily be OC'd to about 2.8 Ghz, which would be considered a very mild OC for this particular chip. This would out perform any CPU in the $150 price range you are looking at buying.

    You may want a slightly nicer case, but it works on a budget.
    This system would play any game quite nicely.

    There is even $150 left over in your budget to upgrade the GPU to an 8800GTS which would make it a monster gaming machine, but it does not sound like you really need that and would be better served with the $150 in your pocket.
  9. 2nd that setup from zenmaster. Just look into the rebates and fill them out EXACTLY as they want them.
  10. Hi, I am planning to buy a new processor and mainboard. I already bought A-DATA DDR2 800mhz 2x1gb kit ram, and a WD250gb hard drive with SATA2. I have about 235 euros for the new mainboard + processor. I won`t do overclocking. Can you recommend me something for that money? I will use the PC for gaming.
  11. I will give a shot at this. According to my figures 235 euros = 320 USD

    First I have a question. You did not say anything about a video card. Do you already have one? What games do you want to play, and what res, and quality?

    Intel Build

    No Video Card Build
    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L - - $95.00
    Intel C2D E6550 - - $180.00
    Total - $275 not sure what your shiping cost would be.

    Video Card Build
    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L - - $95.00
    Intel E2140 - - $76.00
    EVGA 8600GTS 256MB - - $165.00
    Total - $336.00 - $15MIR from EVGA = $321.00

    AMD Build
    BIOSTAR NF4UAM2G AM2 - - $66.00
    AMD 64 X2 6000+ - - $170.00
    Total - $245

    BIOSTAR NF4UAM2G AM2 - - $66.00
    AMD X2 4800+ Brisbane - - $102.00
    EVGA 8600GTS 256MB - - $165.00
    Total - $333.00 - $15MIR from EVGA = $318.00

    Not 100% sure on the AMD mother board I have been doing mostly Intel builds, but it looks like that one would work for you.
  12. I would like to play new games with the new system. The shipping is unavaliable, newegg doesnt ship to abroad, I will have to buy it here, in Slovakia. Anyway, the components you wrote me is cool. The money is about 300$.

    As I thought, my new system will look like

    Mainboard ????
    Processor ????
    A-DATA 2x1gb kit DDR2 800MHz 4-4-4-12
    Sapphire X1950PRO 256
    Western Digital 250GB 7200rpm 16MB
    Chieftec 450W ATX power supply and the case
  13. Oh now this is funny. If you go with Zenmaster's build, which on first glance looks really good, you'll soon realize you've built a big paperweight, because he left off the CPU! :pt1cable: When you're done ROFL, you can use the $150 left over to buy one, perhaps an e4X00. Leave room in the budget for a better HSF if you want to overclock it a lot, although the stock is good enough (and quiet enough) for a mild OC.

    Otherwise, you can build an AMD PC on a low budget more easily than Intel.
  14. Ooh, I'm not sure about that Chieftec PSU. If at all possible, choose one from tier-3 or better from this list:

    FSP has some models that ought to fit your budget, but I do not know what is available in Slovakia.
  15. Chieftec power supply is like FSP, same quality or better. Later I`d like to buy a new dx10.1 graphic card, somekinda high-end type like 8800gts now, just with dx10.1. I am not able to do overclock and I don`t like to.
  16. Well, given that you are satisfied with the quality of Chieftec, 450W will likely not be big enough for the new dx10 cards.
  17. If you are not really hard-core. You can get good performance from a AMD X2.
    If you want cutting edge, wait for the Intel Yorkfield or AMD K10.
    For the $150 range now, the E6550 is fastest and uses less watts. (this requires a 1333Mhz FSB).
    For video cards, the X1950XT is the fastest for the money and faster than a 8600GT. If you want DX10, wait a few months for the next-gen DX10 cards (like a 9800GT or r700 )
  18. from that money, I can buy AMD X2 5600+ with a nforce 570 mainboard(asus m2n e ultra). Will this systme be enough good for the next dx10.1 generation graphic cards?
  19. it depends on what you use your computer for. If you play the latest games then probably Intel. If not you could build an AMD system which will still play most of the games out there but at lower res. and detail for under $400. Not sure where you are located but shop around for best prices. best of luck :) and remember building your own system is as easy as lego blocks these days.
  20. Gaming is more dependent on the GPU than the CPU. Intel or AMD, it won't matter much except at the extreme high end. Given the budget, that's not where this build is.
    This wishlist is centered around an 8800GTS. Remove the DVD drive and add a cheap case for about the same money, although it is still slightly over the budget.

    Oh, and I mean this for SirZagsAlot. Rebel, start your own thread please.
  21. This sounds really lame, but I'd wait for the Phenom. I don't know why, but I think it would be really neat just to have one... Have been reading about Barcelona (K10 Opteron server chip, NATIVE Quad) and it's desktop counterpart Phenom (native quad as well) for so long it will probably be my next chip. You have to remember, Intel people are all about performance, and AMD people are alot like Apple loyalists, we will always tout that one benchmark (or many, in the case of Opteron's initial launch) and be happy to bug Intel people with it FOREVER.

    AMD wants your money AND loyalty, Intel ONLY wants your soul. So there is always that to consider.
  22. Thanks alot for all the help guys. Im starting to think that if i go AMD i may get a 4800 and put the savings into the GPU or my pocket. What do people think about that idea?

    A few questions. The E6550 is about 175, would you pay the extra 25 bucks for it, how about an extra 75 compared to the 4800? Is it true that intel chips eat your soul at night?

    Also, i have heard alot of people talk about overheating when it comes to AMD chips, especially the 5600, can any one say anything about this?

    Also, what do people think of lunyones suggested video card, i couldnt find it on newegg and so am not sure if its a deal or not.

    Thanks again for all the tips! and rebel, get your own thread! (although i appreciate the posts it generates)
  23. Well, you say you aren't an overclocker. That's another vote for AMD, as the Intel chips are typically the better overclockers. A non-overclocked AMD will be nice and cool, so you shouldn't need to worry about heat. The 4800 would be a good choice.
    A possible alternative is a lowly e2140, on a new P35 board like the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R, and then get the best GPU you can afford. Then, when you've saved more, in six months or so you can get a much better Intel chip and sell the e2160.
  24. amd price and quality, my hp rig w/amd800 processor w/g440 used for trascription and is still goin strong since 2000 when i bought it. oh i upgraded the video card to the g440 64mb in 2001.

    and when you overclock anything the warrenty goes, wonder how long these c2d will last overclockd compared to none oc. would be interesting if one was to do a study on it.
  25. jtt283,

    so you are saying the the reviews that mention excessive heat from the 5600 are from people who are overclocking?
  26. sirzagsalot said:

    so you are saying the the reviews that mention excessive heat from the 5600 are from people who are overclocking?

    If I were going to bet, YES, is what I would say. The AMD's right now don't OC as well as the Intel ones, so those that are OC'ing are probably trying too hard to get every ounce out of the CPU. Just my opinion though. I've haven't read (which has been alot lately) any temperature problems about the AMD's.
  27. I believe that is the case. Look at the power requirements of the various chips too.
  28. The X2-6000+ is an example.

    It has a much higher TDP than the other chips.
    This means that to reach these speeds they are starting to see heat/power issues.

    Most sites are not able to get more than 200-300Mhz more out of the devices under normal OCing conditions.

    If you look at the TDP for the E6850 its the same as the much lower E6550 and they all have a far lower TDP than the x2-6000+ which is much higher than the lower X2 chips.

    If you are not an OCer this does not mean much.
  29. If i were to get the X2 5800 would anyone recomend switching the heat sink and fan, i heard that the heat sink that comes with it is pretty lame.
  30. sirzagsalot said:
    If i were to get the X2 5800 would anyone recomend switching the heat sink and fan, i heard that the heat sink that comes with it is pretty lame.

    If you're not significantly overclocking, the CPU that comes with the retail CPU should be fine
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