inspiron 530

Hi all,

yes..............I bough a dell inspiron 530 w/ a E2160 cpu (the reason I go for the deal is I could not get it cheaper to build it myself)
just a quick question, if this thing is able to o/c?

E2160 (1.8gh)
foxconn g33m/b
intel g33 chipset
1 g ram
vista home premium

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  1. nope dells have locked bios
  2. thanks bud.
  3. itotallybelieveyou said:
    nope dells have locked bios

    one more question.
    locked bios means one cannot get into bios screen, or get into bios screen but cannot do adjustment?
    thanks again.
  4. nothing can adjusted
  5. Not true. Pinmod that puppy up to 2.4GHz for same cheap Dell fun.
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