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Hello, WMPlayer plays files from hard disc (got from sony handycam) but there is no sound. its the same in windows live movie maker. windows movie maker 2.6 doesnot even play it. being a layman , i have no idea why its so! VLC media plays fluently. But need to use the winows media player AND windows movie maker for my class. please suggest. thanks in advance. i am using W7basic.
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    It is likely the video format your Sony handycam is using is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker.

    You will either need to try other record settings, or transcode the videos to another format using something like Super (
  2. Before you go off converting files and losing resolution, install a good codec pack. It's very likely you simply don't have the correct codec installed to play the file.

    The codec pack I recommend is k-lite codec pack full. It is lightweight and full featured. If k-lite can't get the file to play, nothing will.
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  4. :bounce: thanks for the help. i appreciate your responses. changing format worked and codec works great. for the conversion PMB has the options. thanks to you both.
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