VGA card problems

Ok so I recently made a few upgrades to my pc, including installing windows Vista. Everything runs fine till I plug in the PCI-E power adapter into my card. When I boot up windows has a messed up screen:

Im almost postive im plugging in the right adapter:

Here is a pic of the power plugs I am using for my GPU. labeled 12V 1 + 12V 2. Here is a pic of them:

Anyone got any ideas what the problem is?
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  1. What PSU? What Graphics card?
  2. Ok the video card is an EVGA 7900gt. The PSU is a Ultra Xfinity 600w. Also a note: I did not upgrade either of these components, and they used to work together flawless.
  3. More information might be needed in respect to what you had and what was upgraded. Ultra is not a great name in power supplies and if you have upgraded, you have likely added more strain to the PSU. That's not to say it couldn't be something else, just a shot with limited info.
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