Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R saying 'Warning,Warning!'

Hi I have just rebuilt my PC for Protools M Powered 7.3 Mainly for music recording
I have M-Audio Project Mix+ Intel Quad6600 Cpu, Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R M/Board, 2GB Ocz 8ooMhz,520W Trust PSU,Xpert Vision 8600GTS 512Mb/128Bit/Gddr3 GFX Card,2 x 320GB Seagate SataII HDD, Windows XP Pro SPK2.Reason3,Guitar Rig2.
Firstly I do not overclock anything so that has been disabled in bios.
When I set a guitar track on Project Mix, there is tons of digital distortion and i cant record!!
I have just spent a load of money buying all these new componants and I cant record!
I checked a mix, I had done and its handling it fine, the CPU load for PTMP7.3 is way low which is great as it is a Intel Quad!

Secondly, I am getting a audio message from the motherboard saying 'Warning,Warning!'
IN Easy Tune (the m/board health check program) it shows that the CPU-SYSTEM temps are 52oC and 57oC.It also says PWR1-CPU temps are 27oC and 31oC.

Also are these normal temps for Seagate SataII 32OGB HDD; Temps are 46oC and 47oC

Can anyone help me out here as I am in the middle of recording and cant get to finish my song till
I get this sorted out. Thank you to fellow advisors for all help past and present.
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  1. Thanks for reply, do you have a link for downloading TAT (intel thermal analysis tool), speedfan, and coretemp.
    Only have the Trust PSU fan and Intel Quad Heatsink and fan. But i do not overclook
  2. Also forgot to add, I am wondering if the quad cpu's are too hot and if thats giving me the digital distortion when i try to record guitar music thru project mix with Pro-Tools?
  3. Sounds like your chipset is too hot according to your information. What kind of flow do you have going in and out of your case? and when you get TAT installed what is the reading?
  4. Thanks three0duster,I have got a copy of Speed Fan,TAT and Core Temp now and will put them on PC tonight and post readings for you tomorrow afternoon GMT or Bonnie Scotland Time as we say!
    The thing that bother me is that I am tryong to get as much info so i do not do any damage to M/B or CPU!
    All i want is to record guitar music on a semi pro-level DAW, on my new built PC!
  5. Be careful of core temp, After I upgraded to my C2D and my gigabyte P35-DS3R , when I click on core temp as soon as it should load its like an instant restart button, the dam computer instantly restarts. I dont know if thats my computer or the Software has a bug, so be careful.
  6. Hi three0duster or anyone else who can help,I have readings for my new pc temps for Quad core and m/bd.
    I have snag it but don't know how to put jpg image up for you to see. Easy Tune 5: Fans CPU: 1071rpm, CPU System: 57oC & CPU: 31oC

    TAT: Core0: 57oC, Core1: 50oC, Core2:49oC and Core3: 51oC
    Your right about Core Temp, installed it and it disappeared.
  7. Are those loaded temps? or is that Idle with nothing running? If its loaded they are ok on the TAT but the System Readings from EasyTune5 is way to high, You got me as to why but Im guessing you have heatsink issues with the chipset but Im not sure on that. Also do you have a guess as to what the ambient room temps are? But that chipset is way to hight and that is probably your problem with the onboard sound having problems. My system temps when I load it with TAT do not move from 42oC and When the processor is loaded my cores read 57-59 deg, Its expected for yours to be a little higher because its a quad, Sounding like you either have really hight ambient temps or you need to rma that motherboard. Main question left is , are those temps at idle or load?
  8. Hi, guys. These will be IDLE Readings at moment.
    TAT: CPU 51oC & 57oC
    Coretemp didn't work right.
    Room temp is mild and cool.

    If i still have warnings on Speedfan at end of the night i will take CPU & M/BRD back to shop tomorow, they said they'll test them for me
    and replace if not working right. Thanks and I'll let you know of outcome.Cheers Ricky.
  9. Here's how to get coretemp running under vista x64:-

    My temps under load are averaging out at:-

    Everest 60c

    Everest reads the temps correctly but speedfan requires you to add 15c to the readings for the Q6600/P35 if I remember rightly.

    Get yourself Everest and report its temps or get coretemp working its dead easy.
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