is GMA3100 mobile card suit for Warcraft 3?

I want to get a notebook.
I don't know if GMA3100 can run the game fluency
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  1. Simple answer: no.

    Get a dedicated card.

    You might be able to run the game in some spots, but many GMA3100 users are reporting that in intense battle scenes, and in certain areas, framerates drop into the single digits, rendering the game as unplayable.
  2. I disagree. Warcraft 3 is a really old game that will run well on a GeForce 2MX which the GMA3100 should be faster than even if it doesn't have dedicated memory.
    In fact dual channel PC5300 is probably faster than whatever memory came on a 2MX although of course the GMA3100 wouldn't be getting anywhere near full bandwidth.

  3. If i add 1Gig memory(to 2G total)
    does it help to rise the performance of it?
  4. It probably wouldn't hurt but I don't think it would really help much either. If you're worried about gaming performance I'd look into a notebook with a better integrated graphics system or one with a dedicated graphics card. Still, it should run Warcraft 3 well enough, and maybe even WoW playably if you turn the settings down most if not all of the way.

  5. it ran on my bros p3 700mhx, 512mb ram and ati rage 12mb video card fine... i think it will run on about anything lol.
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