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I have a HP proliant with Server 2003 currently installed. However i need to reformat and clean install XP Professional as some new print workflow software i have does not agree with 2003. when I boot from the XP CD all is well and good until i come to the "what do you wish to do" screen. when i enter "set up windows XP now" it tells me it did not find any hard disk drive installed?!? and cannot continue. There are six removable hard drives on the Proliant and I assume its something to do with the way these are set up but my tech knowledge with PCs and especially servers is limited. I cant install XP from within 2003 as when i insert the disk it auto runs but the option to install is greyed out. Any ideas as I have been faffing around for ever and its getting close to "seeing if servers bounce" time!

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  1. You need to hit F6 to install the driver for the hard drive controller.
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