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Anyone have any experience with either of these systems. Not ready to buy just yet. I am using air, and not willing to do the work to maintain a water cooled system.
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  1. Never heard of Chill Tec, but if CoolIt is the same company that makes the Eliminator, I can tell you they make some good stuff (namely, the Eliminator).

    If you want really good temps without having to mess with water cooling ,then the Eliminator is probably the way to go (though you should check and make sure it is compatible with your CPU socket first).
    The Eliminator is a bit tricky to install (not complicated, but the CPU block tends to want to slide away from you until bolted down properly).
    Also, the pump on mine shut down for no reason, but that only happened once in all the time I've owned it, so it was probably just a fluke.
    The system is quiet, even at full power, and requires no maintainence, and it can get your processor down to subambient temperatures at idle (and sometimes even at load). I've even seen it cool the CPU to sub-zero temps when the room was cool enough (it's designed not to pull the CPU TOO far below ambient, in order to avoid condensation).

    One piece of advice: DONT remove the thermal paste that comes pre-applied. All the reviews I've seen cite substantially poorer results than mine, and I can only assume it has to do with their practice of removing the stock paste and replacing it with their own (done to put all the tests on a level playing field).

    You might also try the Freezone, though I've heard it is not as well put together as its less powerful sibling, and is not really worth the substantial bump in price.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for the info. Chill tec is TEC cooler with a fan kind of loud from what I have heard from others who have owned it. The new Cool It units that just came out appear to be very nice.
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