Defective Hard Drive?

I just installed a new Seagate 1TB HDD and it doesn`t show up in My Computer.I can see it in the Device Manager and Speedfan shows it.I tried updating drivers,uninstalling and restarting.I switched the data and power cables but,the drive still won`t show up in My Computer.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Windows will not recognize an unformated hard drive in My Computer.

    To format the hard drive you will need to go into Computer Management.

    Click the following:
    1. Start Button
    2. All Programs
    3. Administrative Tools.
    4. Computer Management
    5. Disk Management
    6. Right click the unformatted drive and click format.
  2. jaguarskx;
    Thank you very much for your help and such a quick reply.It`s formatting now.If you don`t mind,I`d like to ask one more question.Because I didn`t know,when I built this PC I set up the HDD`s with IDE instead of AHCI.Can this be changed in the Bios or do all the HDD`s have to be reformatted.
  3. Apparently contrary to popular belief is it possible change the controller from IDE to AHCI after you've already installed Windows. I can't give you specific instructions I'm afraid because what actual drivers you download depends on the chipset but it goes something like this.

    1) For the love of God backup your data!
    2) Download and install Intel Chipset Inf updates or equivalent for your chipset.
    3) Download and install Intel Matrix Storage Manager (which contains the AHCI driver) or equivalent for your chipset.
    4) Go into device manager, select "Update Driver" for the relevant IDE controller and manually choose the AHCI driver. Windows may say it isn't compatible so tell it to install it anyway.
    5) You will be prompted for a reboot so do that. When the BIOS comes up enter setup and change the controller mode from IDE to AHCI. Windows should now boot normally with your controller in AHCI mode.

    Note: It is unclear what will happen if you let Windows reboot without doing step 5 so make sure you pay attention.
  4. gse1,
    Thank you very much for taking the time to`s much appreciated.
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