i need help overclocking

i have :
AMD Athlon 5000+ Black Edition w/ Arctic cooler freezer 64 Pro
Asus M2N32 Deluxe Wireless edition (590 chipset)
2 GBs G.Skill DDR Ram
ATI Radeon All in wonder 2006 PCI-e editon

this is my first build and the OC'ing is at auto right now, and what does the multiplier do?

thanks in advance
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  1. I think you need to read some of the stickies here in the OC forum before moving on.

    With the risk of sounding rude: You can't just expect someone to walk up and explain it all to you, do some research. Then feel free to ask all you like. :)
  2. i see :ange:
  3. There is a guide to overclocking the AMD's at the top of the overclocking section in the forum.
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