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Suggestions for Upgrade Path

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September 10, 2007 8:19:51 AM

I would love some help working out my options for my next upgrade of GPU.

Something to keep in mind is the fact that I run 3 monitors, and centre 1 at 2560x1600.

I am mostly happy with my current 7600GTs in SLI for gaming on the 30". Mostly older racing games run "fine" and Fear also runs fine with goodies turned off. But off course there are some games than don't :(  Example DiRT only run ok at 800x600 on Low settings. And that is my fav game.

So I am in no hurry per se, meaning I can wait till x'mas timeframe.

Currently I dual boot XP Vista (32), because some stuff will not run under Vista.

Here are some of the things I am considering:
- If I get a 8xxx series card, I need to buy 2 because xp wont let me run 7600 and 8xxx series card
- I would like to be able to in the future play HD video on the 30", and 8800s dont do DHCP on dual link
- if I get a 8600GTS for HD video on the 30" then it would suck for games :-(
- Who knows what will happen in Nov?

So am I kinda stuck in my thoughts on upgrade path choices and looking to see if there are any alternatives I have not thought of.

My current thinking is only to wait till Nov to see what my options are, and hopefully by then my Audio gear will have Vista Drivers so I can buy the next gen GPU that can do Dual Link DHCP and with good gaming performance, while using one of the existing 7600s to drive my 2 20" screen. But off course nobody (outside of NVIDIA that is) that knows if that will exits.

BTW, my son thinks I should just forget gaming on the PC and get a Xbox 360 for gaming. No DRM messing up the DVD drive, install issues, DX10 driver problems, No Forza 2, No Halo 3,etc etc... Sometimes I think he might be right :pfff: 

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September 10, 2007 9:28:35 AM

It would be a shame to waste your current setup, because you might want to buy a Xbox 360. You have at least $1500 in that rig (when you bought it). You might want to wait to see what will be out in the next couple of months to see if the GPU's are going to do what you want. Trust me, a keyboard/mouse combo beats a gamepad every day (at least for me).
September 10, 2007 3:09:49 PM

lunyone, dont worry, nothing is wasted, i use this rig 80% for work, and it is awsome. i used a laptop for 10 years before that, and there is no comparison.

Also, I agree with the PC vs console 100%, just lately this whole DRM stuff is p***ing me off. And gaming in 2560x1600 it is just amazing. I just want to be able to turn on more eye candy, and fully use the 30" screen for games, but kinda stuck with how to upgrade the GPU without loosing my 3 monitor setup which I findessential for work.
September 10, 2007 4:51:49 PM

I would suggest just waiting until November. At the very least you will likely save money if you go with the 8800's. Also, it is possible that the new cards will better fit your needs.