Winlogon.exe-unable to locate component

i have a dell LATITUDE x300 laptop.

I need help fixing a problem i have. whenever i turn oon my laptop an error pops up saying,"winlogon.exe-unable to locate component, this application has failed to start because SHLWAPI.dll was not found. Re-installing this application may fix the problem.
ive been stuck for weeks tryn to figure out how to fix this problem but i dont have a cd drive on this laptop so i realy dont know what to do... please help
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  1. 999/1000 times, people have all ready had every tech problem out there. This is one of those times, a simple Google search returned this:

    You said your computer does not have a CD drive, so copy the file to a USB stick instead and put in the letter for the USB stick in the commands where it says A:\ anywhere
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