Help!!! Can't overclock

Hi, I have an GA-MA69GM-S2H and Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 65nm cpu. I thought I would try OCing it to learn how to since this would be my first time but when I went to bios I could not change the cpu or memory voltage. I upgraded my bios, but it still wont let me change the setting, it only shows me the current settings. I tried to do it with software like SyStool and Clockgen and even the program that came with the motherboard Easy Tune 5 but it still wont let me overclock. I came to the conclusion that its the chipset but if you can help me out I would appreciate any help THX.

As an afterthought, would I be able to get away with an 8-10% on stock cooler? (though I probably cant overclock)

THx for help
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  1. did you buy it from dell?
  2. No i bought it from Newegg, I bought all my parts from newegg
    here is a link
  3. wait a sec I just found something on newegg.

    "You cannot use the overclocking features in Easytune 5 with this board though. You can overclock the multiplier and FSB in the Award Bios by pressing Control + F1. However, you cannot adjust the core voltage there. The gigabyte tech guys told me that you cannot overclock at all with the bios, but they were wrong"

    what does it mean, where can I adjust the voltage settings??????

    Any help would be appreciated
  4. OMG, I just found out that I can overclock this motherboard FSB by 5 Mhz because it has no voltage control :heink: WOW at least it's something, oH well
  5. Hi mate,

    I guess you didn't read the reviews of this board (all 123 of them!!) before you bought it. I followed your link to this board on NewEgg where it would appear that people are panning it!!

    For your info. it is generally better to research a board before buying it!! Buying a cheap $70/£35 board will also generally be less stable in the first place (i.e. you're lucky if it work at all let alone overclock). I personally don't touch cheap boards with a bardge pole.

    I've used 3 Gigabyte (building for myself and others) and they have worked pretty good but I do avoid the budget end. I have one budget MSI board in a build for someone (it was actually originally being used as an IpCop router!!) However the board is a pain in the ass with the memory - it crashes periodically with 2 sticks of (identical SPD) branded RAM from different manufactures and won't pass memory testing software. It only works with one 512Mb stick!!

    The moral of story is research and buy a better motherboard. Then you will get all the BIOS features you need!! In a general a uATX board with integrated graphics is not even intended for overclocking!! This board is designed for a HTPC (i.e. dedicated PC media players running Linux or Windows MC) as it will fit in those DVD shaped horizontal PC cases.

    I am not familar with the Athlon 64 architecture (as I am running a board with dual Opterons) but I believe a good board will generally let you up the HTT speed to increase the processor speed without changing the FSB. Generally speaking I believe it is better to get memory rated at the OC speed (or BIOS options to loosen the RAM timings from SPD)...

    Hope that helps a bit to clarify things!!

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