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why is that ,that I can only use 300Gb of my harddrive in state of 320Gb, which is full capacitiy of my HDD ?
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  1. Hardware manufacturers list 1000MB=1GB

    Software sees it 1024MB=1GB

    This is a pretty easy way to understand the concept.
  2. to add a bit:

    1 Gb SHOULD be 1,073,741,824 bits... harddrive makers are lazy and equate 1 Gb to be: 1,000,000,000 bits so you lose a big chunk there.

    Partitioning also takes up a small chunk of space as well...

    LOL Rubix beat me to it... that'll teach me to open a bunch of threads and come back to them later!
  3. thnx all
  4. that means that I can say goodbye to 20Gb :)
  5. McMoD said:
    that means that I can say goodbye to 20Gb :)

    Nonsense. You have not lost any hard drive space.

    It's just a difference in labeling. It's like you purchased 4 quarts of gasoline and then found out you actually only got 3.78 liters. You didn't spill any gasoline, you're just measuring it differently.

    Same thing here. By the hard drive manufacturer's measure, you bought 320GB. That's 320,000,000,000 bytes. By Windows measure, you still have 320,000,000,000 bytes, but Windows labels this 298GB.
  6. wait until you install a RAID5 with 5x500gb harddrive which adds up to be 2Tb... after format its 1.81TB... 190GB difference... thats 2/3's of your hard drive size
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