How to erase a re-writable cd

someone please help me to "simply" erase a re-writable cd I'm not experienced in this at all. After I created a playlist on Itunes, go to burn,it's seperated to two discs ofcourse. Then I realized I left 2 songs from the librarylist off the playlist which I corrected. Now, how the hell do I re-set the "second cd" to erase (or re-format?) Or do I have to erase "both" disks? My E-mail: Thank You.
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  1. Right click on the drive containing the disk, select erase.
    It's not a good idea to post your email on the forums, you read the responses, we don't email you.
  2. On come on... it IS a good idea to post your email address! How else would he get all the Viagra and tampon ad-spam I just signed him up for?
  3. Now if you start getting email wanting to wire 124 million quadzillion dollars into your bank account I would simply delete them. :)
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