WTS 3 video cards, an HSF, and speakers

1) One used PowerColor Radeon 9000 64mb PCI video card model RV25P-B3. It is in good working condition. This card is fitted with ramsinks and a 40X40mm heatsink/fan unit from It has DVI/TV-out/VGA ports. Included are the original drivers disc that came with the card, RCA video cable, and S-video to female RCA adapter. Remember, this is a PCI card. Price is $45.

2) One 3D Prophet 4000XT 32mb AGP video card. The card is in good working order, however, the back heatsink is missing and there is a little silver grease residue on the back of the card. I tried to clean the stuff off with acetone, but it's some wierd CompUSA silver grease that's tough to remove. Anyways, it does not affect the fuction of the card. The front heatsink and fan are intact. Card only (no drivers disc): $15.

3) One ATI Radeon 8500 128meg AGP video card. Memory is BGA Infineon 3.6ns. Stock heatsink and fan. S-Video out/DVI/vga ports. *Voltage mod is applied* as per However, the job was less than successful. All the correct resistors are in place on the back of the card, but the shorting process on the front side of the card is a bit messy. The video card boots up into windows, but there are articles present. I'm only gonna ask for $10 for the card. It's my hope that some tech-savy enthusiast will fix this card up. Video card (no drivers disc) AND NTSC collateral kit (S-video cable, RCA video cable, S-video to RCA adapter, and analog to digital adapter: SOLD

4) One retail Intel heatsink/fan unit. It came off a P4 1.8ghz cpu. There are some scratches on the thermal pad. Price is $5.

5) One pair of Altec Lansing Model 220 speakers. It's a 2 piece set with no subwoofer. On/off button, volume knob, and 1/8" headphone jack on the side. The units are used, but in good working order. Price is $15.

All prices do not include shipping. I ship USPS Priority mail which runs an additional $3.85, except for the speakers because of their weight. Send me a message for more info on the items and shipping options. I know it's an inconvenience, but I only accept money orders. Thanks

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