e6750 @ 3.2ghz

Just wanted to ask other e6750 users out there, I'm on the verge of buying one, but I want to know if you guys can run at 3.2ghz without increasing core voltage? I've got 4 gb of pc6400 that I want to run at a 1:1 ratio, but I want to not have to worry about the system for a couple of years and I'm worrying about the damage over time caused by the voltage increase.

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  1. Or does anyone know if it is possible to get a e6600 G0 stepping to 400fsb without any kind of voltage increase?
  2. Ive been playing with the voltages on bringing mine that high but, from what I've seen you need to increase it slightly. I'm not very experienced in OC'ing yet so there might be something I'm not doing or don't know. I've had it at 1.41 and it sits at 3.2ghz no problem, on air cooling
  3. Theres no E6600 G0 stepping, and i doubt it that you could get many E6600s to run that fast with no voltage
  4. I let my abit IP35-Pro do auto settings and I went to 3.2ghz no problem, and I have the 1:1 ratio as well.
  5. i burned a mobo (p5n32-e sli) 3 ram kits (crucial balistix 1066, then mushkin 1066, then another crucial balistix 800) trying to OC and keep it at 3ghz.

    I only upped the FSB and did not touch the voltages.
    OC at your own risk my friend.
    I now have an asus striker extreme with corsair twin2x 800 and run stock 2.66 ghz and will not OC anymore.
  6. starcraftfanatic: Sorry that was a typo, I meant the q6600.

    bornking: If you only upped the fsb the cpu, motherboard should not have been damaged? I guess the RAM possible, but I normally just lower my timings to 5 5 5 15 and then set the multiplier to 2x, that way even at 400mhz, it is still operating in spec. And I can increase timings on the ram slowly but surely, I use OCZ Platinum series memory which is rated at +.3 volts by the manufacturer already so I have a little bit of wiggle room.

    If I'm misunderstanding, and a processor/motherboard can indeed be damaged by overclocking the fsb but still using the stock voltage, someone please correct me because that would change my plans entirely.
  7. So there's no G0 stepping for the q6600? I thought there was...

    Also, what's the PCMark/3DMark benefit of overclocking? Appreciable?
  8. authoratah: There is a G0 stepping for the q6600, but not the e6600. The benefit depends on the amount you have overclocked. The high you overlock the greater the chance of doing damage to your components + heat and power usage. The main purpose is to get a much more powerful processor than you paid for, or with the best equipment see how much performance you can possibly squeeze out. For example, if you purchased an q6600 for $290, which is a 2.4ghz processor and were able to achieve a stable overclock at 3.0ghz the chip would be the equivalent of a qx6850 processor at stock speeds, which costs around $1000. At least that is the appeal for me :)
  9. My 6750 is running 3.82 on stock voltage on my 680i board. Will not go any further without a voltage bump, so I am staying there.

    My Corsair XMS 6400 ram is running unlinked, though. Linked it bopped out at 3.1ish, but unlinked and stock voltages for all.

    Temps on my water cooled setup have not changed from the stock 2.66 temps.

    Very happy with the go stepping.

    My old B2 step e6600 required some push to get to 3, and my voltages were bordering on top end, so it ran in the 2.8 range for the most part, and 15-20c hotter than the e6750 in the same rig.
  10. I would expect that it should run at 3.2Ghz w/o a voltage increase from what I have read but I do not have the one at this point.

    I'm running me e4300 @ an undervoltage and can hit 3.2ghz on Stock but I prefer the extra quietness of the undervoltage.
  11. I have my Q6600 (B3 Stepping, Not G0) running 3.0GHz on air with 1.27V on Gigabyte P35C-DS3R mobo. I think "Auto" setting for the CPU voltage in Gigabyte BIOS defaults to 1.30 V. I changed it manually in BIOS in order to set the CPU voltage as low as I could, but couldn't lower any further without crashing Windows. I don't intend to OC the Q6600 to more than 3.0GHz as the B3 stepping is much hotter than G0. Idle temp is around 40C-41C.
  12. arianon, I have my E6700 (B3 Stepping) on another system running 3.0 GHz on eVGA 680i mobo at 1.21V also on air. This is BELOW the default voltage level on 680i for the E6700. With the E6750 and G0 stepping, you should be able to clock at 3.2GHz without increase the CPU voltage. If my E6700 B3 Stepping can run 3.0GHz with 1.21V, I would think you have no problem running your E6750 @ 3.2GHz with stock voltage.
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