Graphics card and Operating system problem

Hello...I am having some problems regarding graphics card and OS compatibily...
1. I want to purchase a evga 8600GTS 512mb but the thing i am confused about is that I still want to use winxp pro as my operating system. now What are the problems taht I might face.

2. I am currently owning a evga7900GS and so far I ahve no problems with it I just want to upgrade to play future DX10 games...I am planning to purchase a evga 8600GTS to improve grpahics...I have gone through some sites and I am totally confused about will I get an increase in performance and by how much. and is the card a good thing to buy or should I wait for an 8800GTS...what should I do...and since it is cheaper for me now to get the 8600GTS..HELP

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  1. Take a look at this link for some comparisons.
    Not sure if your going to see alot of change with the 8600gts, but it won't hurt your situation. I think if you can wait a bit more, I would. The 8700's should be out in Nov. sometime, and will be better than the 8600's, since it will have a 256bit bus (compared to the 128bit bus on the current 8600's). If you can hold out until then, I would.
    The OS shouldn't have any issues with the video card, you just won't be able to use Dx10, since your OS isn't Dx10 capable. I would get Vista premium 64bit for $112 shipped at, if you would like to get it. It will allow you to run the Dx10 games, with all of the capabilities. Mind you, you can still run the Dx10 games on XP (since they will probably have the Dx9 version on the same CD/DVD as the Dx10 one).
  2. I would say that in raw fps you wont see a lot of differance but the image quality on the 8600 would be better.
    But as lunyone says its really best to wait untill the new cards come out as the performance diff should be good.
  3. If you can afford the 8800GTS then get it, if not wait until November for the 8700. The 8600GTS is not worth to "upgrade" over the 7900GS since it won't be really an upgrade.
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