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Outlook PST problems...

I'm trying to move some emails from Outlook 2002 on my old PC to Outlook 2007 on my laptop.

On outlook 2002, I exported the email folder to a PST file. I then burned the file on to a CD-RW.

I then put the CD into the laptop and copied the PST onto the desktop.

On the laptop, I opened Outlook 2007 and went File>Open>Outlook data file. I selected the PST file but I got a message saying the file wasn't a personal data file.

Any solution?
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    All newer versions of Outlook support the older 97-2002 file format. Just keep in mind that there is a hard size limit of 2GB for the old format. When you copied the file to the desktop did you also clear the Read-Only bit? (gets set when you put something on CD/DVD) You can't open a .pst unless the file can be written to.

    Once you manage to get the file open I strongly suggest that you create a new format .pst and drag/drop the contents of the old one into it.
  2. Never mind guys, I got it fixed a few months ago. Can't remember how. :)

    Thanks for the help anyway!
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