Core 2 Quad Kentsfield Q6600 Temperature Problems

I blew out the PSU in my first build about three weeks ago and had to RMA my brand new case. Once I received in the replacement case I rebuilt my system again.

In the mean time, my Mobo sat returned to its original packaging until I received my new case in. The case came in on Monday and I rebuilt everything. I started up my computer and started getting temperature warnings almost immediately. I checked my temperatures and noticed that the CPU was running hot, around 60 degrees Celsius and was having some other issues with things. I resolved those issues and have yet to resolve the temperature problems.

The fix I have tried so far is new thermal compound, and I have the stock fan and heatsink installed.

I remember before I needed the new PSU that the CPU was running about 45 degrees Celsius after playing games like F.E.A.R. on high settings.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct/fix the problems with the CPU temperature?

System specs if they help:

Core 2 Quad Kentsfield q6600
Abit AB9 Quad-GT
4 Gigs OCZ DDR2 PC6400 RAM
320 Western Digital SATA HDD
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  1. Your heatsink is not seated properly. If your heatsink was seated properly then you were actually heating it to that temperature you would not be able to touch the fins of the heatsink for very long. Touch your heatsink. I'm betting it is close to case ambient.

    Recommend removing the board from the chassis before attempting to install the heatsink. Use a cushiony surface to install the heatsink. After you install the heatsink verify that the 4 black pegs are showing on the bottom of the board. Also verify that the white plastic is seated to the board with no appreciable gaps. If you still can't get the stock heatsink installed correctly go out and buy an after market one.
  2. Good news, last night I got some Arctic Silver compound and reseated my HSF. Now everythig is running properly.
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