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All right, I'm looking for thoughts from the collective brain trust on this one. My wife has a laptop, and enjoys playing poker on the couch in the living room while watching TV. I have a desktop, and enjoy more hardcore gaming in the basement. I don't want a laptop, but I would like to be able to sit with my wife on the couch in the living room. That way I can spend as much time playing Warcraft as I want, and she can't complain we never spend time together!

So... what do you gents figure is the best way to accomplish this? I can hide the tower in the corner table, that's easy. Should I get a wireless keyboard and mouse, and use something like a lap desk? Are lap desks any good? Can anyone recommend one? Will they give me the freedom of movement to use a mouse?

The other problems are monitor and sound. I suppose I could just keep an LCD tucked under the coffee table, but when you add in speakers you end up with a lot of very unsightly wires running to the coffee table. Could I get an LCD with build in speakers? Are they any good? Can anyone recommend one?

Does anyone have any insight? How can I use a desktop like a laptop and relax on my couch?

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  1. Wireless keyboard with built-in mouse function. There are several styles, from touchpad to trackball.

    Viewsonic flat panel with built in speakers. These are not necessarily the best monitors, but they do have models with good built-in speakers.

    Which models you buy is more of a personal preference thing so I won't list any. Go to a store and try them out.

    As far as a lap desk goes, with the above setup, a relatively thin, but firm bed pillow would do the trick.
  2. This may sound weird but I use my logitech wireless mouse on the arm of my lazyboy (or my pant leg) for my htpc. The Logitech S510 keyboard I'm using works great up to 12 feet from the reciever, but the mouse that came with it only maybe works half that far away. And the light weight keyboard isn't any worse than a laptop on my legs.
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