Duo e6700 Or Quad q6600?! or even e6850?

Hey, i currently have a Core2Duo e6700, but am considering upgrading to a q6600, and maybe overclocking slightly to compensate on speed.

On the other hand, as i dont multitask loads, but rather use one or two intensive programs at once (games + itunes + internet for example) i mite go for the e6850 the 3.0 ghz dual core with 1333 mhz bus.

My mobo is the evga 680i SLI...

i am most interested in overclocking potential really, and what kind of 'real life' performance boosts i will see, not necessarily synthetic benchmarks, so loading of windows and in game map load times etc.

Cheers Chris
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  1. the e6850 is better, it will overclock better to at least 2.6ghz maybe 4 if you have good cooling. and playing a game is intensive but itunes and the internet aren't, so a dual core will do fine. !
  2. You sill get a good overclock out of a Q6600 G0 stepping...

    as for dual core id look at the e6750 wit the 1333bus i dont know if the 1333 models will oc well on the 680i chipset though i know they do well on the p35
  3. I would just keep what you have, unless your system bogs down to a crawl when running all those apps.

    I have an E6700 and I run WoW on my main screen, and have the internet, decoding/encoding (sometimes), and other stuff running on my other screen at the same time, and I don't really get any lag or stutters.

    But, if you really want to upgrade, go for the quad. At least then you're "future proof" for upcoming multicore capable software (when it arrives).
  4. ya thats what i was thinking, i might not take the plunge just yet, a intel seem to be replacing new ones so much. just thinking that the quad will probably be able to overclock to 3.0 then ill get best of both worlds... (in theory of course)

    And the Q6600 is relatively cheap (cheaper than my e6700 was when i got it anyway)

    Cheers for the opinions anyway :)

  5. :O thanks very much for the link maziar :) couldnt ask for a more in depth answer really haha

  6. glad i could help :)
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