Degrading CPU Performance

I know it's been asked before....and knowing the variables of a psu, ram or board could be to blame, can overclocking a cpu degrade performance over time?

I've been running an x2 3600 @ 2.8 ghz for about six months. Out of the blue, the system refused to boot. After trouble shooting, I tried dropping the cpu to 2.7 ghz, and the system booted up everything seems fine. Ideas why?

Amd x2 3600
Abit M2n32-sli deluxe
Radeon x1900gt
Patriot 6400LLK 2 x 512mb
wd 150gb raptor
Antec 500 watt
xp pro
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  1. Might have been a Voltage Dip(Did'nt get enough "OOMPH" to start up just that moment[Do you know that 3600 x2 leaks the most Volts as heat, that's why it's lower binned] Performance might be hindered if the TEMPS are high or something.

    Overvolt a Smidgen more if you like.
  2. I didn't know that. I'm Running a Zalman 9500...temps run betwen 39-49C
  3. Yes, YO_KID37 is completely right, up the volts a hair at a time until it is stable. I had my Opty 165 @2.25ghz undervolted to 1.25V, and it would OCCASIONALLY fail to post, bumped it up to 1.2625V and it is completely stable.
  4. I dont know if cpu's can brake of oveclocking, but running out-of-spec all things can happen (especially if with increased voltage). They can overheat (in which case they will slow down or turn off). Your temps seem okay. I guess your overclock wasn't stable from the beginning. You were just lucky for those 6 months. Run any tourture tests lately?
  5. Another and more probable scenerio is that your motherboard might not like being pushed to such a high bus speed. Dropping it from 295 to 285 might have made the mobo's northbridge stable again.
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