P35c-S3 and 4gb ram problems

Ok I have brought my self a new computer from the parts and built it mainly ok :D

Intel 6750 Duo
Gigabyte GA-P35C-S3 Motherboard
4 x 1gb Geil GX22GB6400UDC Ram
Asus 2900 ATI 512mb PCI - E
Enermax 620w
Installed Windows Vista 32bit edition (Need some old apps to work on it before I get flamed :D)

Ok I got the computer together and first time will not start take out 2 of the ram it works... infact with only 2 gb it works great... I played with the bios and for a short time I did get it working with all 4 sticks (I know its only 3.5gb in windows)... I have change the Voltage to the Ram by clicking Ctrl + F1 in the bios and going to the MIB settings and going to +0.3 Volts to the Ram. This made it work no problem no crashers for about a day... Next day it does not... Any one have any ideas... I have the latest bios and that does not help :S I have gone to Gigabyte and told them, they have so far told me to update my bios (Already done that and told them in the first message) and to have ram from there list (Which I do)... I have done a search on the internet to see if I can find any thing and no joy... HELP..

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  1. so when u have 2gb ram , it works fine and when u have 4gb , it doesnt work ,

    well when i had an AMD system , i had this problem , i had 2x1gb ram , and i couldnt install windows , then i borrowed a RAM from someone and tested and it was fine , so i think the other 2 sticks have problems
  2. I have tested all the Ram 1 at a time all are fine :S thats why I am thinking its a Motherboard setting...
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