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can anyone help with this problem.

I had an encrypted folder and by mistake copies some files into the same. but somehow this has erased the current content while the folder was encrypted.

is there anyway i can recover these files???


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  1. Need more information as to what happened. Did you use Windows Folder Encryption? Or some other utility?

    If you used Windows Folder Encryption, and the process completed correctly, you should be able to access them as long as you are logged with the same account you encrypted with.

    If you encrypted another way, please expand on your OP with more details.

    In short, most encryption solutions are designed to prevent data from being seen... so "reversing" the process, without the proper password will be difficult (but I'm stating the obvious here :) )

    Taking your OP exactly as is, it sounds like the process may not have completed properly, therefore there's a chance it corrupted data.... But please do elaborate, if you can, so we can help you try to reverse the encryption.
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