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Morning all,

I have read several forum posts about how to transfer programs from an SSD to an HDD. I have been advised by a friend that there is a program I can get that will allow me to do this at the click of a mouse button (letting me move programs between the two drives, letting me keep what I am currently playing on my SSD). Unfortunately, he can't remember the name of the program and will be unreachable for a while. Does anyone know the program he is talking about? Thanks!
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  1. The simplicity of what you describe I have only heard once, and that was in regards to moving Steam games. Here's said app:

    I've yet to use it, but hear good things.
    Other than that, I'm not sure of something so simple for traditionally installed apps. But I'll be keeping an eye here for posts sharing such apps/tools. :)
  2. Yeah steam mover came to my mind as well. I have used it before and it worked fine. Only used for a few games.

    I ended up just keeping my games backed up to a HDD and only installing games I want to play atm. And installing steam to my SSD.

    Annoying that steam forces you to install the games on a certain disk. Seems like it would be an easy fix/solution. Same thing with Amazon game downloads. Can never select another drive to download game to. Although I know amazon is aware of the situation and will hopefully change that soon.
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